NRC Youth Program Seasons

Our Spring 2023 Youth Program starts Sunday May 7.   See below for info and to register! 

Spring Track Season

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Each session focuses on the “Fun-damentals” of running and incorporate all aspects of Track and Field. Each athlete is given the opportunity to experience and learn not only many events but also the skills and concepts for warming-up, relay race hand-offs, starts, racing strategies, track etiquette, stretching, sportsmanship, leadership and many other confidence building activities. 

Using all the latest coaching techniques and equipment, our athletes are introduced to such events as sprinting and middle/long distance running.

Every session is designed to make the sport of track & field a safe, enjoyable and positive experience, regardless of each athlete’s individual abilities.  Many of our coaches compete in their individual specialties and love teaching our athletes all the proper techniques to be successful. 

The season is loaded with fun-filled, age appropriate running activities and challenges, all in a safe & energetic environment.

When: The 2023 Season begins May 7 and runs for six consecutive weeks, Sundays 11 am - 12:15 PM at Northport Middle School 

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Cross Country (Fall) Season 

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This program is for children 9-13 years old who love to run! It's fun for everyone!   Many who enter our program go on to run on their middle school and high school teams. Others take this knowledge and run more efficiently on their selected team sports. One way or the other, running is the basis of EVERY sport.  

The Fall Season meets weekly for 90 minutes on Sundays at the Northport Middle School*.  It is a 6 week long program.

*location & time are subject to change

When:  Sundays

Time:  11:00 AM - 12:30 PM  

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