NRC Youth Program

About Us

Our Mission

To provide our youth with the highest quality introduction to the sport of track and field and running by creating a safe, respectful teaching environment using the finest qualified instructors (Coaches), equipment and techniques available. Our staff is committed to accomplishing this through fun filled seasonal training programs that are presented with energy, enthusiasm and excitement, all while teaching the fundamentals of running, training, teamwork and sportsmanship.


Our program was established in 2014 by Coach Vicki Fox. The goal was to fill a void in the athletic opportunities for those who have not yet entered High School. Many of the sports that our children participate in involve some amount of running. We wanted to teach those running skills in a fun environment within the basics of Track & Field. That inaugural year consisted of a Spring Track & Field season with 30 athletes followed by a Summer season of 40. Due to the popularity of our program and the continued commitment of our volunteer coaches from The Northport Running club and the Adelphi College Track team, it has grown into a 4-season program with over 1200 athletes participating since its inception.

The Spring & Summer seasons, each averaging 80-102 athletes, focus on the FUN-damentals of running and incorporates all aspects of Track & Field. Running form, warmup skills, Sprinting, Middle Distance running, Hurdling, Long & High Jumping, Discus, Shot and Javelin throwing are some of the events presented. Our end of the Summer season intra-club track meet provides our athletes an opportunity to demonstrate all their newly acquired skills, along with experiencing an authentic track meet.

In 2015 we introduced our first Cross Country (Fall) season. That first year we started with 20 athletes, learning distance and trail running at a few local middle schools and parks.

2018 was the start of our Winter Season (Indoor Track) with 30 athletes. All aspects of indoor running are presented over 8 weeks at the St Anthony’s High School Indoor Facility. This season focuses on running form, sprinting techniques, warm-up drills, relay race concepts and shorter racing activities on a 200-meter track.

Our coaching staff has also grown since 2014, allowing us to have a ratio of coach to athlete training sessions that ensures small groups and individual attention. Our coaches are not only the most qualified and experienced coaches in their specific events, they also compete at local, regional, national and world level T & F competitions.