The sheets below contain historical results by participant for Northport races since 2018.  These data sheets are a work in progress, we are continuously adding more participants and results as time allows.  The races included in this history are the Northport Downhill Mile, the Great Cow Harbor 10K, the Veterans Day 4K, and the Tough Cookie 8K. Starting this year (2024) results for each race will be added as they become available.  Currently the sheets contain all results for members that participated in at least two NRC races during 2023.   Please contact us if you see any errors or missing information or would like your results hidden or removed.  There is a separate sheet for women's and men's results with individual participants listed alphabetically by last name.  Scroll down using the navigation toggle on the right to review your results.

NRC Women Results

Women's Results

Results for NRC Women Members going back to 2018, listed alphabetically by last name.  Scroll through to find your history of results for the four annual NRC sponsored races!

NRC Men Results

Men's Results

Results for NRC Male Members going back to 2018.  Alphabetic by last name.  Scroll through to find your results!