Cow Harbor 10k Training Runs & Volunteer Sign Up

2022 Training Run Information


6 consecutive Wednesday evenings.

August: 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

September 7

Special Thank you to Copenhagen Bakery for the yummy treats at the finish!

6:30 pm, groups staggered by pace


Laurel Avenue School (the start of The Great Cow Harbor 10K Road Race) and finishing at Cow Harbor Park at the bottom of Main Street, just past the finish of The Great Cow Harbor 10K Road Race.

Registration: Not required

Cow Harbor 2022 Needs Volunteers!

We will need many volunteers for the various tasks listed below. Race day is Saturday September 17. Sign-up sheet links will be coming soon, or you can email to You can sign up for more than one!

  • Thursday Bib Sorting

  • Friday – Bib Number Pick-Up in Gym

  • Friday – Goodie Bag Pick-up (Cafeteria)

  • Friday - Banner Take Down

  • Saturday - Setting up & Collecting Clock

  • Saturday - Start line set-up & DQ patrol

  • Saturday - Setting up Park

  • Hang Banners in Gazebo & Park

  • Saturday - Finishline Set-up

  • Saturday - Finishline Take Down

  • Saturday – Bib Number Pick-Up (GYM)

  • Saturday – Goodie Bag Pick-Up(Cafeteria)

  • Saturday - Handing out stuff at the end

  • Saturday Results Posting

  • Saturday-Time Keeper/Caller

  • Saturday - Help with UPS Bags

  • Thursday – Sunday - Airport Drivers for Elite Runners

What is the Program About:

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. a small group from the Northport Running Club would meet on Wednesday nights to run the Great Cow Harbor 10K Road Race course. In 1999 someone had the bright idea of formalizing these runs into something slightly more structured. Word got out and the program became the Great Cow Harbor 10K Road Race Training Assistance Program. Today the program is a series of six training runs on the scenic Great Cow Harbor 10K Road Race course that attracts 100+ runners each week. The purpose of the runs is to familiarize runners with the course so they can put forth their best effort on race day.

Time: 6:30pm

Cost: Free

This Is a Northport Running Club member event. If you are not a member you will need to sign a waiver and of course we would love for you to join our club!

Location: We run the full course starting at the Laurel Avenue School (the start of The Great Cow Harbor 10K Road race) and finishing at Cow Harbor Park at the bottom of Main Street, just past the finish of The Great Cow Harbor 10K Road Race.

Parking: The start is approximately one mile (uphill) from the finish. Parking is available at the start, finish, or almost anywhere in between. Many people leave a car at the finish and carpool to the start. For those that don’t carpool, there is a fairly even split between those who walk/jog from the finish to the start before the run and after the run. A few cut the course short and head back to the start after Mile 5, running approximately 5.7 miles in total.

What are Pace Groups:

The Great Cow Harbor 10K Road Race Training Assistance Program provides a great opportunity for runners to train with others at their ability level. Runners are divided into 10 different pace groups based on their ability and predicted race finish. The groups are self-policed for pace and are designed to have progressively faster finishing goals each week. Not sure what group to run in? There will be information and help available at the pre-run safety briefing.


Safety is our greatest concern! For the safety of you and all around you, as well as for our program, we ask all to understand the following:

  • The roads we will be running on are OPEN TO TRAFFIC.

  • Please STOP as for traffic, lights, and other pedestrians.

  • Run with the same caution as you would if you were alone.

  • DO NOT split from your group and use both sides of the road.

  • Generally always run facing traffic unless there is a situation where visibility is increased by running with traffic.

  • Utilize sidewalks where possible in areas where the road is narrow.

  • USE OF HEADPHONES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED! If you must run with headphones, please do not join our training group.

  • wear light colors and reflectors as It gets darker earlier

What does the Northport Running Club Provide?

Besides the opportunity to run with others of your ability level, we provide course guidance and pointers at the start, and water and Gatorade at the finish. We recommended you bring water with you on hot days. We will have a course sweeper so you will not be last or get lost!

Can I help with the Great Cow Harbor 10k Road Race, besides just running the race?

Yes! We would love to have you volunteer at the Great Cow Harbor 10K Road race. There are a wide variety of tasks on or before race day, including many that let you still run the race. For more information about volunteering, sign-up sheets will be available at the training runs or you can email Kim at: