NRC Youth Program

REGISTRATION is open for the 2024 Spring season which runs for six Sundays starting May 5 through June 16.  To register, click here.

The NRC Youth Program spring and fall seasons are comprised of 9-13 year old’s who love to run, but through drills and formal instruction, learn the finer points of running with proper form. Many who enter our program go on to run on their middle school and high school teams. Others take this knowledge and run more efficiently on their selected team sports. One way or the other, running is the basis of EVERY sport.   

Seasonal Cost: $75

Apparel Options: 

Cotton tee, Singlet, Hoodie, Caps

We encourage our kids to wear their club apparel during any local competition whether it be track and field, road racing or cross country.

Competitions: USATF track meets and local road races are optional, but we encourage participation. During each practice we ask the kids to share their most recent successes in whatever sport they are involved in.

We teach running!

We don't require competition.