12/8/19 Registration for our 2020 Winter Indoor Track Season has reached our maximum of 50 athletes. Registration is now closed. We look forward to working with everyone in January!

Check back in early March for information on our Spring Track & Field Program.

11/16/19 Registration for the 2020 NRC Youth Winter Indoor Track Season is coming – fast! We’ll meet on Monday’s at 5:30 pm, commencing on 1/20/20. This season we are going full on-line, using the same service that our NRC members use to renew their memberships and sign-up for NRC events. Please create a free account, then sign up your athlete! There is a modest service charge, but no more mailing checks. Registration opens on 12/1/19 for current and past program attendees. Enrollment is limited, so don’t wait!

The Winter Indoor Track Season consists of 8 one-hour sessions at St. Anthony’s High School’s Athletic Center over the course of around 12 weeks. This season focuses on improving running form and technique with the inclusion of specific instruction to help runners be their best. Each practice consists of warm-ups, form instruction, running drills, a workout, and cool-downs/stretching. We fit a lot into a short time! The coaches are dedicated to ensuring a positive experience for all.

Please email NRCYTandF@gmail.com for more information and the link.

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NRC Youth Program spring, summer, fall and winter seasons are comprised of 9-13 year old’s who love to run, but through drills and formal instruction, learn the finer points of running with proper form. Many who enter our program go on to run on their middle school and high school teams. Others take this knowledge and run more efficiently on their selected team sports. One way or the other, running is the basis of EVERY sport.

Seasonal Cost: $85

Apparel Options:

Cotton tee: $14, Singlet: $27, Hoodie: $30, Caps: $14

We encourage our kids to wear their club apparel during any local competition whether it be track and field, road racing or cross country.

Competitions: USATF track meets and local road races are optional, but we encourage participation. During each practice we ask the kids to share their most recent successes in whatever sport they are involved in.

We teach running!

We don't require competition!

For Additional information, please contact Coach Brian at NRCYTandF@gmail.com