NRC Youth Program Q&A

Does my child have to be a well-trained athlete to join the program? What if he/she has never participated in track?

No, the program is great for new-comers to the most accomplished youth! Our goal is to have fun while developing skills and a love for running. Participants work to their own level while receiving coaching from our dedicated staff.

Does my child need any special equipment to participate?

We do recommend wearing a good pair of running shoes like those found at local running stores or retailers like Dick’s or Modell’s Sporting Goods. Beyond shoes, wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for both the weather and physical activity. We also recommend bringing a filled water bottle to practice. Please see each season’s description for more specific details.

Where do you practice and how long are, they?

 The Spring  and Fall seasons are at local Huntington Township schools, typically Northport High School or Middle School. Winter Track is held at St. Anthony’s High Schools indoor track facility. Cross County (Fall*) may visit other local parks including Sunken Meadow, Blydenburgh, and Meadowlark parks. Each season’s starting and finishing times are posted in the season’s description section.

Should my child skip a meal to be ready for practice?

A light meal could be consumed 2-3 hours prior to practice. Avoid any heavy foods or excessive fluid intake within an hour of practice.

Do parents stay for practice or drop-off/pick-up?

Both! Some parents like to stay and watch practice, some take the time do attend to other needs.  Parents may also use the time to do some running on their own.  However, ONLY NRC board approved, Background Checked & Safe Sport Certified Coaches/ Volunteers are permitted with the children.

Should my child practice between regular scheduled workouts?

Yes, we encourage all our athletes to practice the skills learned from each workout to improve their overall conditioning as well as instilling positive health habits.

Is there a requirement for my child to compete or join a running club?

No, but we do provide information and guidance for local competitions for those athletes who would like to try competing or join a running club. We also try to have an end of season intra-club track & field and XC meet as part of our program to provide our athletes with the experience they will encounter should they continue in the sport.

Are only 9-13-year olds allowed to join the program?

Yes, the age restrictions for each season are strictly followed. Your child must be 9-13 years old at the start of any season. However, a 13-year-old turning 14 within a season is eligible to participate.