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Award Winners

Award Winners

Member of the Year Award: This award is to honor an active Club member who has shown a strong commitment through Club participation and involvement in running and running related activities.

Party Animal Award: Speaks for itself.

YearMember of the YearParty Animal
Chris Hannan
Chris Hannan & John Fox
Jerry Wood
Jerry Wood
Jerry Wood
Jerry Wood, Roy Lockwood & Bill Oerhlein
1993Kevin ThompsonJerry Wood & Bill Oerhlein
1994Jerry WoodJerry Wood & Bill Oerhlein
1995George Mack---
1996Roy LockwoodBilly Oerhlein, Bob Skirkanich & Lutz Hoffmann
1997Bob Skirkanich---
1998Charlie MerlinoJerry Wood, Bill Oerhlein, Kathy Martin & Chuck Gross
1999Jane McGrawBill Oerhlein
2000Rich TeubnerBill Oerhlein, Bob Dealy & Rich Teubner
2001Fred KrausDawn Daloisio
2002Steve O'ShaughnessyDawn Daloisio, Lutz Hoffmann & Rich Teubner
2003Kathryn MartinLorraine Pavlakis, Lutz Hoffman & Bob Skirkanich
2004Will FodorPaul Johnson & Rich Teubner
(Apprentice:Jane McGraw, Lutz Hoffman, Lorainne Pavlakis, Gary Zieve and Bob Skirkanich)
2005Jim MauroDawn Daloisio & Dan Mercer
(Apprentice:Paul Johnson, Rich Teubner and Jane McGraw)
2006Bill FlemingDawn Daloisio & Dan Mercer
(Apprentice:Paul Johnson, Andrea Mercer, Bob Skirkanich & Joe Kanzenberg)
2007Allen HugginsDawn Daloisio
(Apprentice:Rich Teubner)
2008Meg O'DonnellDawn Daloisio, Lutz Hoffman, Meg O’Donnell, Mary Nolte & Pam Schmidlin
2009Karen PotenzaDawn Daloisio & Dan O’Donnell
2010Michael RouxDawn Daloisio & Dan O’Donnell
2011Jim DiPelesiJim Abrams, Dan O’Donnell & Joe Kanzenberg
2012John DespagnaDawn Daloisio, Dan O’Donnell, Joe Kanzenberg & Wil Widman
2013Stewart MacLeodDawn Daloisio, Dan O’Donnell, & Wil Widman
2014 Vicki FoxDawn Daloisio, Dan O’Donnell