Party Animal



A celebration of the holiday season with nostalgia and reminiscing of life on the beach from Maui to

Margaritaville and Kennebunkport to Fire Island . . . Surf, Sand, Snow & Santa . . . let the party begin!

Warm Winter Welcomes where a fireplace glows in the Christmas season – this cozy scene all the merrier

after running a beach anywhere, whether on vacation in Hawaii – or – the tundra- like weather of Long Island in

December. Winter is a special treat for the Long Island runner who braves the cold and salt-spray of the

Sound, Bays or Ocean surf. The need for special attention to cold weather running gear makes preparation for

these runs like getting ready for an assault on a snow topped mountain – which on many Long Island winter

days is precisely correct ! If you have never run a beach in the Winter – make this the year you do! When the

heavy snow has not yet been plowed off the roads – the edge of the surf is clean – packed-down, and surface-

sand firmed by cold – very ‘runnable’. Getting back to a fireside is a very special treat.

‘LIFE’S A BEACH’ is an attitude NRC runners can practice in the actual beach ‘environment’ year-round - -

after all, Northport is located on Long Island Sound – with many miles of beaches a part of the village

geography. Nearby Sound beaches are also a part of the NRC running scene – Sunken Meadow, Callahan’s,

Tiffany, West Neck, Centerport and other ‘run-to’ sites. A key feature of some of these is that they are located

at the foot of some of the toughest hills on the Island – Beach plus Hills – that’s a runner’s challenge! The NRC

has made very special, and unique, use of the nearby Ocean Front beaches – for many years NRC runners

have done the Trans Fire island run along the Fire Island wilderness beaches, bird sanctuaries, villages, and

national park areas – if you have never run Fire Island – you are missing one of the greatest beach runs in the

country! - - - In these Winter months, we can look back on the Summer runs – and do some Winter Beach runs

– the past runs associated with the Falmouth Road Race included Cape-Cod Beaches, Martha’s Vineyard

Beaches, and the yearly run in Newport between Easton’s & Baily’s Beach on the Cliff-Walk. Activities of Life’s

a Beach mentality.

After an active day at the beach, or any other running challenge, attend the non-stop parties of colorful and

noisy – casual and formal – events this season in the spirit of “ . . . LIFE IS A BEACH . . .” challenge of our

NRC party activities . . . run to and jump into the NRC “ . . . LIFE IS A BEACH. . .” wave – 2014 to 2015 – with

the entire spectrum of Yuletide activities and the fun –focus for NRC runs and socializing at party events

planned. Event hosted planned venues, house parties, club events and runs will welcome runners and guests

into the aura of “ . . . LIFE IS A BEACH. . .” view of the yuletide season. A single point is awarded for

challenges completed each day. The number of total points will determine those qualifying for ‘second place’

Party Animal Awards. Note: There can be more than one second place and first place awards – BUT – there

cannot be any second place awards unless there is at least one first place award. To be a first place finisher

you must be an NRC member and complete at least one of the challenges listed every day of the season from

13 December thru 1 January 2015! There is a make-up for a single event missed – wherein one point is

allowed for a missing event if you have run a BAM anytime in 2014 – or – complete a BAM run prior to 2

January – midnight – 2015. Good luck, and have fun in the festive “ . . . LIFE IS A BEACH. . .” CHRISTMAS

NRC holiday challenges!

Reminder – To score must do listed activity/challenge on the

date, location and time if explicitly listed – no exceptions!

Party Challenge Events Run From

December 13th 2014 – thru – January 1st 2015


Park at 8:00 am, bring a holiday ornament suitable to adorn an outdoor tree, and run the

Christmas Tree Trail from flivers parked at Main (West) parking lot. Must do Party Animal Run of

2.5 miles and hang ornament on Christmas tree, or the Chanukah Tree, to score (optional

donning of Santa Hat). Adding-on of distance to do full workout (~ 5 to 6 miles) advised for

holiday feasting – but not required! Run on boardwalk &/or beach to keep attuned to holiday

LIFE’S A BEACH theme. Afterwards join your hosts, Jane McGraw & Rich Teubner, for coffee

and bagels at the Kings Park Bagel Shop.

*** SUNDAY - 12/14/14~ Three Option Day: (Option #1) – 1st SANTA HAT RUN ~ Starts at 8:00 am – your

course guide Charlie Merlino - meet at start of Great Cow Harbor course – Laurel Ave School, Northport – just

north of Northport Library – Must do minimum of 52 per cent of run & wear Santa Hat to score. - - (Option #2 )

ATHLETES for LIFE BLOOD DRIVE – (10 AM to 4 PM) Bring valid form of identification to give the gift of life

– One pint of blood can potentially save three lives! Huntington Hilton, 598 Broadhollow Road, Melville, NY

(North Service Road of LIE). Donate &/or volunteer day of drive to score. (Option #3) LAUREL PUB &

INDIANA TERRITORY RUN (7:00 pm run – 7:30 party ) – Host Jim Kehoe - Meet at LAUREL PUB (East

Northport; East side of Larkfield Road – just North of LIRR tracks) ready to run – short run thru Indiana

Territory (Several distances) - and back to pub for holiday cheer and light snacks; cash bar; light refreshments

provided. Hear Jim’s great stories and meet other party-celebrants at 7:30 PM. Must do run – and/or sing a

few bars from a beach themed song of choice while wearing sun glasses during pub-party to score point - Info

// Questions call Jim – (see newsletter for contact info). Beach togs optional – but fun! - NOTE: Bring your darts &/or pool cue.

*** MONDAY - 12/15/14~ SHANAHANS Pub – 6:30 pm Run Reflective nite-wear and lights a must for this

challenging trail-run IF trails snow-cleared! - meet inside for ‘Beach-Party’ Dutch-treat hamburgers & etc. at

7:00pm. Must run any part of run or toast to a favorite 2014 beach happening with sunglasses on in pub to

score point! Contact John DeSpagna for details. Located on Old Dock Road, Kings Park.

*** TUESDAY - 12/16/14~ SPEED WORKOUT- (6:30 pm) Regular Tuesday Speed Workout- held at Northport

High School Track (bring lantern) – If snow closes track – workout will be at Greenlawn LIRR Station lot

(lighted, plowed & sanded). Run any part of workout for point &/or appear at pub IF designated – and describe

a perfect day at the beach – while wearing sunglasses – to anyone you can find to listen!

*** WEDNESDAY - 12/17/14 ~ NRC HOLIDAY MEETING & CHRISTMAS PARTY (7:30 pm) at the Moose

Hall, Pulaski Road, Greenlawn – just West of the Walbaums Shopping Center. Very short meeting (5

minutes?) followed by refreshments, DANCING (A really great dance floor!), singing, cash-bar – ALL ARE

INVITED – BRING THE FAMILY – IMPORTANT NOTE- Leave running shoes and sweats at home this

one-time and ‘dress-to the nines’ to make the evening especially festive as befitting an ‘after the beach’

day at a tropic resort or cruise ship - - Flapper outfits from last year appropriate, hey, where else can

you wear them !! NOTE: – Bring a Hot Dish or snack for approx 6-8 people. And please RSVP number

coming (by E - mail if possible) AND coordinate dishes by calling /or/ E - mailing: Jane McGraw or Kathy Martin (see newsletter for contact info of both). Must share your favorite personal story about any beach-themed event, AND dance with 3 different partners, with

your sun-shades on, during the party to score. Note - It would be greatly appreciated if 6-8 members can

come down early (6:30 pm) to the hall to help set-up the tables and chairs. Also – clean-up at the end!


CHRISTMAS GLACIER TRAILS RUN – (7:00pm run; 7:45 in pub) – your host and Glacier trail-guide JIM

ABRAMS. Runners meet/park in rear of adjacent Norwood Shopping center (Rte. 25A in Fort Salonga); bring

a flashlight or headlamp for this amazing nite-time glacier trail-run thru deeply Forested Makamah Preserve.

Note: Sashqwa sightings have actually been made in these forested hills! – so be prepared for the unexpected

during your run! . Meet in Elijah Churchill’s Speakeasy for lite refreshments & reminiscing! Do run and/or

attend speakeasy festivities & describe your view of ‘Big-Foot’ as a “Beach-Bum” while in the speakeasy AND

wearing sunshades to score. For info/questions call Jim (See newsletter for phone #).

*** FRIDAY - 12/19/14 ~ THE OLDE NORTHPORT CHRISTMAS LIGHTS RUN – (7:00 pm) All meet at

Gunther’s Pub ( Main Street, Northport) for traditional ‘Silver Bells’ run thru village, sea-side & starry nite

skies you can almost touch and return to picturesque Gunther's Pub for festivities. In Roaring Twenties

Northport was a Mecca for rum-runners, speakeasies and gala beach parties - - - Do run or greet returning

runners & toast, while wearing sun-shades, to a favorite beach run of days past!

*** SATURDAY - 12/20/14 ~ Two Option Day: (Option #1) HO HO HO HOLIDAY 5K RUN ~ This festive 5K

run starts at 9:30 AM – JFK Middle School, Bethpage – visit GLIRC website to register. Complete run to score

point. (Option #2) DO IT YOURSELF BEACH RUN – Do an approximate 1 mile run (12 minutes ) on a beach

along side the water-line (this will be clear even if snow on ground). Must collect at least one Winter-Shell

souvenir AND feel temperature of water (toe or finger O.K.). Score point by doing run, AND describing

experience and water temperature, while wearing sunshades, at any future 2014 challenge event!

*** SUNDAY - 12/21/14 ~ COLD SPRING HARBOR BREAKFAST RUN Two Option Day: (Option #1)

(Host: DARLENE RITCHIE) - Come experience Cold Spring Harbor like never before starting from her house

at 39 Fairway Place at 8:00 am. This hilly 6 mile run will be almost entirely on trails with various options for

shorter distances (maps will be provided). At the end, kick back with a mimosa and some eggs, sausage and

bagels. Scenic vistas of harbor for Summer dreaming of warm beach-sides, really great views. Hope you can

make it ! Score point by doing any run – or toasting to the harbor with sun shades on at breakfast. (Option

#2) – 2nd SANTA HAT RUN . Starts at 8:00 am – your course guide Charlie Merlino - meet at start of Great

Cow Harbor course – Laurel Ave School – just north of Northport Library – Must do minimum of 43 per cent of

run & wear Santa Hat to score.

*** MONDAY - 12/22/14 ~ VISIT-A-MALL CROWD WORKOUT: Visit any mall anytime during day – must

supply proof of this dangerous effort to score (dated receipt is best) - driving by in

parking lot does not count! Beware of crowd frenzy similar to Marathon starts! Report

on ‘BEACHWEAR ’ on-sale optional!

*** TUESDAY- 12/23/14 ~ LIFE’S A BEACH SPEED WORKOUT- (6:30PM) Scheduled Speed Workout

followed by Off-Broadway Pub (approx 7:30pm) – Remember, if Northport High School Track is ‘Snowed-In’

so it can’t be used – workout will be held at Greenlawn LIRR Station (Plowed and Lighted). To score point

must be at speed workout – or – pub and wear an authentic bathing suit ( or portion thereof ) and be able to

show an identifiable part of it, while wearing it, at track or in pub to score ‘Life’s A Beach’ point.


CHRISTMAS” - Sing any Christmas song to a ‘deserving’ NRC member to score – Must be via phone - or in

person - Answering machines don’t count ! Off-key O.K. ! - - - Be happy ~ Remember – ‘SANTA CLAUS IS

COMING TO TOWN’ & after all, with the attitude ‘LIFE’S A BEACH’ what a merry day!

*** THURSDAY -12/25/14 ~ Two Option Day: (Option#1) All day “I’M DREAMING of a WHITE

CHRISTMAS” - MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL. Fun and festivities with family & friends, must run, walk or ski

a mile outdoors to score ! The ‘LIFE’S A BEACH’ theme will take on special significance if you do the mile on

the beach !“ I saw Three Ship’s a Sailing in On Christmas Day in the Morning . . . “ (Option #2): CHRISTMAS

DAY GROUP RUN - Meet at Sunken Meadow Park at 8:00 am and join Saturday Morning Runners for a group

run of 6 miles and donning of Santa Hat. Meet in Sunken Meadow Park Main (West) Parking Lot. Must do run

of a minimum of one mile with group. Afterwards join group for coffee and bagels at the Kings Park Bagel


*** FRIDAY-12/26/14 ~ RESOLUTION RUN - To score must do any run AND make a NEW Resolution for

2015 AND reminisce about a PAST 2014 resolution you never kept that you will try again in 2015 ! - - - Must

state both, and note route-run if challenged any time before award to keep point

*** SATURDAY - 12/27/14 ~ ANNMARIE’S BEACH PARTY - The winds of winter may have come upon us

but it is time for a “Beach Party”. On Saturday December 27th Annmarie Hickey will be hosting a “Beach

Party” for the Party animal Series. We will meet at 6:30 pm and go for a three or five mile run on the streets of

Nesconset before the party begins. At 7:30 PM the party will begin – if you can’t make the run – be here then

to greet returning runners! Please PITCH IN a little bit by BRINGING some beverages or something to eat and

share with others. Please contact Annmarie beforehand with what you would like to bring to help facilitate the

planning for the evening. Feel free to dress in any type of beach attire such as sunglasses, shorts or one of

your beach shirts. We look forward to seeing you there – Ann Marie’ Hickey’s home is located at 3 Oak Run in

Nesconset. Score point by doing any part of run – or – toasting to a favorite beach whilst wearing sunglasses

at after-run party!

*** SUNDAY -12/28/14 ~ Two Option Day: (Option #1) 3rd SANTA HAT RUN Starts at 8:0 am – your course

guide Charlie Merlino - meet at start of Great Cow Harbor course – Laurel Ave School – just north of

Northport Library – Must do minimum of 37 per cent of run & wear Santa Hat to score. (Option #2) MEG AND

DAN O’DONNELL’S NRC Bunnys & Dudes Beach Party – Get amped, gas up the Woodie

and head for 38 Baylor Drive in Smithtown and show up anytime after 5:00 pm for a “bitchen”

game of Beach Blanket Bingo. It’ll be a primo surfin’ safari so don’t bail out. Plenty of food, don’t

get beached, and plenty of drink but don’t max out. So why not join the Big Kahuna and

reflect on 2014’s lazy, hazy, crazy Days of Summer? Don’t be a dweeb, grab a cup of

coffee before the ride home and please- no wipeouts! Score point by petting cat with

the sandy claws and having picture taken with a member of the opposite sex – who you did not

arrive with -- whilst both wear sunglasses to note that “Life’s A Beach”. Cowabunga, Meg & Dan.

*** MONDAY - 12/29/14 ~ FINNEGAN’S BEACH RUN - 6:30 pm run; 7:15 pm ‘Beach Party’. Take out the

shorts and sunglasses and come for a run at Finnegan’s in Huntington Village (next to Starbucks). Meet at

Finnegan’s ready to run – there will be a three and five mile course mapped out. We will run along Huntington

Harbor and you can take an optional swim at the beach if you are up to it. After the run, we will meet back at

Finnegan’s for a Beach Party that may last an hour or two. Score point by doing at least a mile of run – or –

toast to a famous beach hero, real or imagined, or a specific returning runner, at pub whilst wearing

sunglasses. Contact John DeSpagna for questions.


BIRTHDAY BASH (6:30 pm) Your Host - DAWN DALOSIO - Meet at the olde Speed-Workout Track –

Harborfields High School, Greenlawn - Use the parking lot just SOUTH side of the Greenlawn LIRR tracks

near tennis courts – after a VERY short speed work-out a nostalgia run (@ 1.7 miles) will be made to hill top

Currier & Ives overlook of Northport Harbor, the wee village of Northport and distant-Connecticut. 1920’s

Rum-Running boats might be seen in bay! Return to flivers and thence to BEAU’s (Pub across from

Greenlawn Post Office – 54 Broadway) at about 7:15pm where holiday celebration ambiance focused on

Yuletide Nostalgia and all things of LIFE’S A BEACH running past and future! Wear sunglasses in pub for a

sunny treat! Cash Bar, and refreshments will be served. Wear beach togs to make photos with beach

scenes at pub Summer-looking. Must do any part of run or wear sunglasses while playing beach-blanket trivia

to score point. Wear reflective clothing/lights for street run – IF there is too much snow/ice on ground for

Harborfields track – four laps around the Greenlawn LIRR station parking lot qualifies for point (lot is plowed –

sanded - & - lit ).


FOR 2014/2015 NEW-YEAR’S - EVE !**- HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! – Multi-Option day - to score must

do at least ONE of the following options:

(Option #1) run The Selden Hills Run ( This is a morning run)

(Option #2) run 1⁄4 mile or more – OUTDOORS - after sunset & before midnight - - -

(Option #3) Do the NYC CENTRAL PARK MIDNITE RUN – An olde-time NRC

tradition -

(Option #4) Do the 2014/15 New Year’s Eve 5K Dash or RUN - Run this midnight

start “New Year’s Eve Party” at Eisenhower Park


Two Option Day: (Option #1) HANGOVER RUN – 9:00 am – Charlie Merlino - Your perennial

Hangover run guide. Meet at start of Great Cow Harbor course – Laurel Ave School – just north of Northport

Library – .– NOTE START TIME is NINE O’clock to give party-weary celebrants extra hour of sleep! Run is

the NRC traditional “Hangover-Run” of approx. 5 miles - - this will work-up an appetite for breaking those silly

diet resolutions made last nite! - Score point requires doing at least 29 per cent of run with Santa Hat!


AT SKIPPERS PUB - 11:00 am - Late risers meet stalwart runners to start the New Year off with a 10K.

We will meet at the start of the Great Cow Harbor Course at 11:00 am and get our first training in for the year.

After the run we will meet at Skippers on the bottom of Main Street at noon. If you cannot make the run, meet

us at Skippers afterwards.

*** FRIDAY –1/2/15 ~ BAM RUN – Optional Event - Aspiring Party Animals may obtain ‘credit’

for one missing 2014 event by ONE of the following: (a) Having completed a BAM Run at

anytime during 2014; or, (b) Running a BAM before midnight on this day! (ONLY one make-up

point is allowed ).